Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Final Project

For the final project I built, designed, and put in all the content for our wix.com webpage. I also did the clothing for the Country Club, the 3 target audience members, and the VO for the commercial.

Here is the wix page http://ahales19.wix.com/comm3560

Our 3 target audience members -

Bill - a 65 year old man that is retired that made a lot of money in his career. He comes to the course daily and is a one of our members that pays the $20,000 a year. Bill eats at the country club daily and his grand kids come and use the pool often with his wife.

John or Jill - a 40 year old businessman/woman that brings clients in town often. John or Jill cant play daily but he is a member because he/she is "high class" He/she has weekly dinners in our restaurant buying the most expensive wines every time.

Paula - Is a member of the LPGA Tour and a former US Woman's Open Champion. She does not live in St. George but she has a house in the country club and brings out the players from the tour. When shes in town she is at the course daily using out state of the art practice facility, 

I also tried to do the clothing the best I could but it was hard because of the way the logo was made.

Here is the awesome commercial that John made that I did the voiceover for.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


I did my Mis-en-scene on the Director from the movie American History X, Tony Kaye. The scene I picked was the one at the end of the movie. It was right after this picture but it was the closest thing I could find. In the scene I picked was right after he was shot. It felt so dark and sad. Is brother on the way to save him. The red blood splattered all over the white toilet. Tony Kaye did a great job with that movie and in the scene. He also was behind the camera for American History X.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My favorite director

Let me start by saying Im a father of 3 so the only movies I get to watch are disney movies. That being said I love John Lasseter movies. Here are a few that he directed.

Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3
Toy Story 4 (In pre-production)
Cars 2
And many many more


Compose A Frame

In this picture you have many lines. The mountains in the background are beautiful and are vertical lines. The curb of the cart path and the golfers in a line are horizontal lines, and I tried to place the golfers in the lower part of the grid for the rule of thirds and I tried to put the vertical mountains in the top part of that grid.

In this picture of my son waiting for his competitors to get on the green. I placed my son in the lower right corner for rule of thirds. The flag is a vertical line and the two different mountain ranges are the horizontal lines.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Axioms of Web Design

The website I picked was ESPN.com. www.espn.com

I think the web site looks really clean. The grid has 3 rows with your favorites or closest teams to your location on the far left, news in the middle, and social media on the left. The top row of scores and sports always stays on top. There is no click bait and you can't hit the bottom of the page because it will bring up older stories in order.

I feel the website is very intuitive. It is easy to navigate and any one that goes to the website will be able to run in. There eyes go right to the main story. Again the site is easy to go threw and you know right away that you scroll down so it is also works with affordance.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Design Evaluation

This first picture is what I think is a good product design. Kleenex took what could have been just a regular tissue box and made them into a great shape that look like a piece of cut fruit. To me it says that they will have a sent of that fruit and be very soft. If I saw this on the isle next to some regular looking tissue boxes I would defiantly buy these and thats what makes this a great product design. And in a office I think that these would look a lot better and then that regular box and it would also not take up as much room.

This is my picture of bad product design. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags designed from a company called The. I would never buy these. Why would you pay an extra few dollars for bags that look like they have mold on them. I did not know that the crime rate on lunch sandwiches was so high.  Not only that but the mold is such a turn off to eat that sandwich. I think that I would pull that out to eat and throw it away.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Contrast, Harmony, and Balance

When I first saw this image it immediately made me think of the time I took my kids to the shark reef in Las Vegas. The yellow at the end of the walkway contrasts the overall blue of the rest of the image. The left side is a bit more shadowed and offers a deeper blue, again contrasting with the lighter blue, or less shadowed, water on the upper right and right side of the tank. The two white areas almost dead center in the upper portion of the image are representative of some form of light fixture, either natural or man made. Your eye is immediately drawn to the yellow square. The curvature of the tank offers a balance within the image. The two heavy lines on either side of the walk way offer a balance through the bottom and center of the image as well. The Law of Closure talks about how objects that are close together feel like a whole. The coral and fish is a perfect example of this. If you look closely, you can see the individual coral and fish, but when you glance at it quickly, if just appears as one big mass. The landscape orientation of the image helps give even more emphasis to the length and depth of the walkway and massive fish tank. Because let's face it, all this really is, is a big fish tank.